Yo Zuri HD Carbon 100 Fluorocarbon Leader 50 lb Disappearing Pink Yo Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarboneader maximizes the advantages of fluoroine. Features include incredible abrasion resistance, higher sensitivity, and superior knot strength. Theeader is very soft and supple, and virtually disappears underwater. $24.99

Mm Disappearing Pink. FREE Shipping on orders over shipped by Amazon. This fishing tackle holds up to a lifetime of successful fishing. With the disappering pink leader material known worldwide.

From this test I at least now know that the Seaguar Blue Label line seems to be the better post hookup performance choice when compared to Yo Zuri H.

Monofilament test mentioned in this video. Carbon is a fluorocarbon leader that maximizes the advantages of fluorocarbon in a clear color to naturally blend under water.

In this video. Click here to the Fluorocarbon vs.

Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in the water. Available in 0YD spools 100YD spools and 100YD coils. Carbon due to Seaguar's line being a thinner diameter while still being able to withstand abrasion from the rough mouths of fish better. Products HD Carbon H. One is that both of these products easily sink when thrown into the water. Yo Zuri HD Fluorocarbon Leader Pink 0Yds. CARBON CLEAR. Out of stars 11. Carbon Fluorocarbon 100 Leader 00Yds 0Lbs M 0. Conclusion Winchester Aa Supersport Sporting Clays Shotshells 28 Gauge 85 Shot 250 Rounds. 0 out of stars.

Find this product at. With affordable fluorocarbon fishing lines available in the market the Ohero 100 Fluorocarbon Leader is the one that closely resembles the Yo Zuri H. We supply the most realistic looking fishing lures. Yo Zuri HD Carbon has incredible abrasion resistance ultimately invisibility higher sensitivity superior knot strength and is softer more supple material than other brands of fluorocarbon. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line with little differences.

Get it as as Thu Jun.

100 Fluorocarbon leader material. Fluorocarbon is only invisible Yo Zuri Hd Carbon 100 Fluorocarbon until it gets nicked or scraped. Yo Zuri lures are the finest fishing lures in the industry.

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